Sunday, June 13, 2010



stolen from Hello Alexandra

1)Something I cant leave the house without


it's also something i can't seem to make it back to my house with

2)Favourite clothing store

BEACON'S CLOSET bc i'm a hunter

3)Favourite perfume

prada amber
tom ford youth dew nude
patchouli oil

4)Do I drink energy drinks

what don't I drink? anyone can tell you I'm a fan of beverages.
str8 up love coffee but hit the Red Bull on occasion

5)Do I eat fries with a fork

if they have topping like Poutine

6)Do I go ghost hunting

ghosts hunt me

7)Any phobias

not exactly claustrophobic but need to be near an exit at all times
damp hands

8)Do I bite my nails :

no, but i peel them and the skin around my nails till they bleed. missing a significant portion of my thumb right now. the silhouette is kinda scary

9)Favourite colours :

I like colors in combination but no particular color on its own.

10)Did I ever have a near death accident :

everytime i get in a car

and now you know

FASHION BAT (goes to town)

l@@kin' like a $1 millionaire

watch me walk away

says this pic is most like me
bc i am always on my phone

*style tip*
*let your panty hose show*

fishtail braid
i will be rockin' all summer
thanks Alexandra

i always mean it

say "good night" fashion bat