Sunday, February 28, 2010


earlier this month i passed my 6 month mark, as in, i've officially been living in the city for 6 months. the first month i honestly didn't think i could do it. and looking back i'd have to say last year was the worst of my life. i felt like i had lost so much in the process of getting here. and sometimes i still do. but there's a lot gained in the process of being here. it's not easy. try it, i dare you. it's been so much more than i could have ever imagined and if i knew exactly what i was getting into maybe i wouldn't have left. but i'm glad that i jumped in head first not knowing. fears should be conquered and i face mine everyday but my eyes are finally wide open. i'm closer now than i've ever been to some of the best friends i've ever had. near and far. here's to new beginings.

i do miss the ones i've left behind.

you know what i fear, it is always near


i am the year of the rooster. that's right, go ahead, we all want to say it. okay, so i'm the year of the cock. the chinese guy at work told me told me cocks are hot tempered but always working hard. i can live with that.

but this is the year of the TIGER and behold we go to a booty shakin', free beer drankin' party. free beer by TIGER BEER. booty shakin' by TITTSWORTH

Tiger Beer Models. I WANT MY MONEY!

they had one of these things

crazy fountain light wall art

and this


and this guy gave me his number

but my evening was spoken for


Thursday, February 18, 2010

this is the end

yes, dahlings fashion week officially ends today but more importantly, MARDI GRAS is over. like christmas for some, Mardi Gras always makes me miss my home and remember everything that me and my friends are about. what are we about you might ask. KING CAKE AND GOOD TIMES! i'm on my last king cake. ashley made it midnight tuesday so i'm pretty sure it was officially the last king cake made of the season, ANYWHERE.

Fashion Week Part Deux


the light installation made for some great shots and the textures made me want every piece. WIN WIN


fabric + prints + incredible make up = imabeliever


sweaters i would actually wear

and everyone wants to know did i go to the people's rev party....well of course I did!

I spent most of the night sippin Patron margaritas, having conversation with Cody Ross , and hitting the dance floor with Evelyn Von G

precious precious Evelyn

hot stuff aka Cody

there was a not so memorable performance by the Misshapes, although the infamous Leigh Lezark was next to me in the crowd the whole time. THIS MEANS IT WAS A REAL FASHION PARTY, RIGHT?!

and i was pleasantly surprised by the Little Boots performance. it was just her and the piano it it sounded quite lovely

i particularly liked this

wow, blogging takes a lot more time than i expected

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Fashion Week?!?!

why am i never prepared for the biggest event that happens in my industry?

yesterday I ran out of lotion and hairspray

but i did manage to get it together to bring you this


i'm trippin' about the luxurious cocoon silhouette outer wear. i'm not gonna post every pic i took. you got for the rest of the collect. fun pieces with lingerie detailing. yep they did it again.

Jenni Kayne

i'm not a huge fan of the shoes


this was my first experience with this brand. besides a few pieces that i just didn't connect with i loved it. the deconstructed, large and chunky yet layerable knits are just what i'm craving right now, can it be F10 already? and the puffy silk jackets were great too. the look was kind of navajo space voyage.

Tim Hamilton

great shirts. boots.

can you tell i've got places to go, things to do, and people to see?

i'll wrap this post up with a pic of me a Susie Bubble, who is just lovely

she liked my outfit <3