Thursday, February 18, 2010

this is the end

yes, dahlings fashion week officially ends today but more importantly, MARDI GRAS is over. like christmas for some, Mardi Gras always makes me miss my home and remember everything that me and my friends are about. what are we about you might ask. KING CAKE AND GOOD TIMES! i'm on my last king cake. ashley made it midnight tuesday so i'm pretty sure it was officially the last king cake made of the season, ANYWHERE.

Fashion Week Part Deux


the light installation made for some great shots and the textures made me want every piece. WIN WIN


fabric + prints + incredible make up = imabeliever


sweaters i would actually wear

and everyone wants to know did i go to the people's rev party....well of course I did!

I spent most of the night sippin Patron margaritas, having conversation with Cody Ross , and hitting the dance floor with Evelyn Von G

precious precious Evelyn

hot stuff aka Cody

there was a not so memorable performance by the Misshapes, although the infamous Leigh Lezark was next to me in the crowd the whole time. THIS MEANS IT WAS A REAL FASHION PARTY, RIGHT?!

and i was pleasantly surprised by the Little Boots performance. it was just her and the piano it it sounded quite lovely

i particularly liked this

wow, blogging takes a lot more time than i expected

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