Friday, February 5, 2010

turning japanese

i have always been a big fan of japanese style since i first learned of fruits and street style but the look never really meshed with my own style. it was mostly too "kiddie" for me and being tall "lolita" looks can sometimes come off more silly than tarte. however, lately i have found great inspiration in DropSnap ( I headed to my local salvation army for 50% off day and found some great pieces that i think came together quite nicely. the layering and ease of fit really work well for city living. ALL THIS TIME I'VE BEEN MISSING OUT

i love this fur hat. it's distinctly harajuku with this look but it could also be totally FLY GIRL (see future posts)

the knee high socks loosen up the look a bit. a flash of skin is nice with a sack style dress.

the fit of this dress is quite chic the way it just hangs. i had a great idea for a photo to illustrate this but it involved getting on the bar at Sweet Revenge and my sister/photographer/creative director vetoed this idea.

this photo is less about fancy footwear and more about the fact that we are standing on sand pocketed with snow. GLOBAL WARMING

and as Sarah pointed out, the END of the night can appear so desolate

furry hat, thrifted $2
clear choker, gift Evelyn three fleur de lys PR
leopard print sack dress, thrifted $3
black knee high socks w lace, marshall's $6
born 3 buckle sandals $50
plaid coat w fringe, thrifted $7
black ribbon scarf, beacon's closet $10

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